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Diamonds and dragon

Diamonds and dragon novomatic

New Diamonds and dragon game presented by novomatic. A game that will make your eyes darken with the glare of diamonds and dragons. The cool colors in the game make gamers feel at home playing and not get bored. The popularity of the diamonds and dragon game makes novomatic continue to develop the game into the best game.

This time, gamers will fight against powerful and savage dragons. A diamond guard who will always provide extra care so that the dragon’s favorite diamonds are not lost. Dragons are powerful and great creatures. The power it has is so great it can make many thieves unable to enter to take diamonds from dragons.

Game info

Coachoutletonlineeco – Come find various types of beautiful diamonds in the dragon’s lair with a 5 roll screen model. To be able to escape from the powerful dragon you have to use several strategies to be able to win and bring home the diamonds. There are 20 types that you can win easily. Use your opportunity to be able to enjoy the diamonds and dragon game with a refill reel model.

The refill reel model will show many diamonds that appear like rain without stopping. To get to know the game better, gamers can use game info. In the info there will be a lot that you can find starting from the value, number of symbols, and how to win the game. So easy and easy, you don’t need to be complicated anymore to be able to win in the diamonds and dragon game.

take the dragon diamond//Dragon

Game symbols and wild

Want to know what symbols are available in the diamonds and dragon game such as 3 different colored dragons, diamonds and dragon writing, crystal balls, bonuses, green, blue, purple diamonds, and many other types of symbols available in the diamonds and dragon game . The 3 dragons guarding the diamond have different colors ranging from red, blue, and green.

The crystal ball makes a great wild logo. Wild which can replace all symbols except bonus. The presence of wilds on the 2nd and 4th reels. If the gamer manages to get 3 bonuses, 6 free spins will be activated. When entering the free spins round, the dragons will change using several attributes such as war alert so that the diamonds are not lost.

Unexpected value to win.

In whatever position the dragon is present, it will still get a value when it manages to get the same dragon and only applies when it’s still free spins. Value will be formed when getting a similar symbol or combination. But only the direction from left to right alone can score points for you. Only bonuses that do not follow the direction of the value in the diamonds and dragon game.

No matter which position the bonus is present will give you value and also free spins. To place a bet, gamers must prepare enough money to be able to place a bet. This type of game played with real money will surprise you with the unexpected value of the diamonds and dragon game.

Each bet value that gamers get may be different. The higher the value of the bet that you place, the higher the value of the symbol you will get. To set the bet value, you can press plus and minus. If you want the screen on the game to move quickly, you can automatically play the game. The screen rotates on its own so there is no need to press the button again and just wait for the same symbol to arrive to give a winning value.